I have been an artist all of my life. I believe artists are born with that constant need to create and it is what drives them to share their art with the world.

With a lifetime of private art lessons and a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art from Marywood University in Pennsylvania, I live on Long Island in a large house with extended family, earn a living by day in the publishing industry and create fearless art in the evening.

My mind is full to brimming with so many ideas that it is difficult for me to remain with one medium, one subject or one style for very long. I want to try it all!

My work runs the gamut from Hand Painted Handbags and Shoes to Custom Watercolor Portrait and Colored Pencil Illustration. You never can tell what I will be creating next!

MINIATURES - I particularly enjoy the challenge of working small, in both my ACEO paintings and 1/12 scale miniatures. I like to add a patina of age to my artwork, bringing it back into the past, like a frozen moment in time.

My miniatures are vignettes of that single moment in the past. An object is placed “just so”, but you know that any moment someone could come along and turn over the faded page of a book or move a vintage object from here to there, changing the still-life into a completely different moment from its past. That is why no two of my pieces are ever the same. I don’t believe that anything ever happens exactly the same way twice.

I create almost every item in my miniature work myself. If I must purchase a component, you can be assured I have altered it in some way to make it my own, a personal expression of what I strive to convey in that piece. I also try to work green, repurposing what I already have or has been discarded by others. I rarely purchase new supplies other than those that require replenishing, like glue and paint. This creates a challenge that I enjoy meeting.

ILLUSTRATION – I recently have discovered the joy of colored pencil as a drawing medium. Without the additional attention needed when creating with wet paint and bulky easels, the ease and portability of colored pencils and a small sketch pad affords me a physical freedom that translates into a more imaginative subject matter. This often then allows spur of the moment work that occasionally produces some very satisfying images.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – I began my career as a graphic designer in the 80’s. I have worked in both newspaper and in magazine publishing for over 25 years, where I have gleaned the ins and outs of four color print, pre and post-production, as well as the capabilities of the most advanced computer design software.

PAINTING - I am most inspired by history; by the art, lifestyles and fashions of the past and by the simplicity, yet difficulties of a life before technology, before skyscrapers and cell phones. The brushstrokes of the masters, their use of light and shadow, their rich colors and compositions, all have an influence on the 2-D art that I create today. I like to vary the size and medium of my work often. It may be a watercolor ACEO one day, then a 11” x 14” acrylic portrait the next, so that my work always remains fresh, if not then I move on to something new and untried.

WEARABLE ART – I am so inspired by the possibilities of this art form! Every garment or accessory becomes a possible canvas for me to paint on, and because it is often 3-dimensional, the unusual surfaces become a wonderful obstacle that challenges my creativity. I love to use the odd shapes of a handbag or a pair of shoes to inspire the design. I thrive on the idea of using a plain, existing item and up-cycling it to an original piece of art! Now that is the most satisfying part of the process. It is a green art form that satisfies the soul.

I look forward to every creative day that is allowed me and welcome commissions, with all their unique challenges.

Welcome to my creative world and I hope you find the stroll through my site enjoyable.