I love being a freelance surface designer and illustrator! Color and pattern speak to me like nothing else. The more color and pattern on pattern, the happier I am.

I enjoy spending endless hours wrapped up in the process of design, inspired by all the things that are important to me: the immediate world around me and even the glorious worlds of the past.  I'm never without a mug of coffee with cream, a colored pencil, paintbrush or mouse in my hand, and my loved ones nearby.

My art has been described as nostalgic, yet vivid, and with just a splash of whimsy to keep it interesting!

I am new to art licensing but by no means inexperienced in the world of design! I have been working in both the graphic design and publishing fields for over thirty years… ahem… and haven't run out of inspiration yet!

As someone who craves a challenge, feel free to reach out to me any time to chat about a possible collaboration on your next project, please drop me a line at Diane@DianeCostanza.com

ILLUSTRATION – Once I discovered the joy of colored pencil as a drawing medium, I found myself returning to that medium often. Without the additional attention needed when creating with wet paint and bulky easels, the ease and portability of colored pencils and a small sketch pad affords me a physical freedom that translates into a more imaginative subject matter. This often then allows spur of the moment work that occasionally produces some very satisfying images.

GRAPHIC DESIGN – I began my career as a graphic designer in the 80’s. I have worked in both newspaper and in magazine publishing for over 28 years, where I have gleaned the Ins-and-outs of four color print, pre and post-production, as well as the capabilities of the most advanced computer design software.

PAINTING - I am most inspired by history; by the art, lifestyles and fashions of the past and by both the simplicity, as well as difficulties of life before technology, before skyscrapers and cell phones. The brushstrokes of the masters, their use of light and shadow, their rich colors and compositions, all have an influence on the 2-D art that I create today. I like to vary the size and medium of my work often. It may be a small watercolor one day, then a large oil the next, so that my work always remains fresh.

I look forward to every creative day that is allowed me and welcome commissions, with all their unique challenges.

Welcome to my creative world and I hope you
find the stroll through my site enjoyable,